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CMON Posts New Zombicide Chronicles Scenario

Do you like scary movies? How about b-grade horror? Do you have a favorite schlocky movie director? Well, one exists in the Zombicide world, and your group has found his mansion. But is it everything it seems to be? Find out in All Hallows Evil, a new scenario for Zombicide Chronicles.

From the website:

Are you playing an RPG for your Halloween celebration and looking for a special, spooky-themed scenario? Look no further!

This is All Hallows Evil, a special scenario for Zombicide: Chronicles RPG!

Schlock horror director Les Braven didn’t react well to being shelved as a has-been when the world still worked. Now that real zombies roam the land, he decided to film his new "masterpiece" not with actors, but with real survivors he lured into a Victorian house filled with traps, cameras, and (of course) Zombies!

He plans to film them as they fight to remain alive, and then edit the footage after the last hero goes down. Will the Survivors find a way to escape and (possibly) end the career of the horror director?