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CMON Posts New Zombicide: Invader Scenario

October is over. But CMON still had some last-minute scenarios for you. They posted up a new Zombicide: Invader scenario up on their website that you can download, for free, now. Head over and check it out.

From the website:

It's the end of spooky season and All Hallow's Eve is upon us! First we needed to Get Them Out Alive, then we hadto make it though the Thousand Mazes (To Die), the Corridor of Doom and the Neverending Night... But we did it and Enough is Enough!

Today's scenario is brought to you by our final contest winner, Jeroslav Sucharda.

We need to test our new Xeno Cannon. To make sure it’s working, we need to dispose of all Xenos coming through the airlock. The Mission ends when all Xenos are out of the game. This is a real Xeno-cide!