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CMON Posts New Zombicide: Invader Scenario

CMON is going to be bringing you a new Zombicide scenario, created by you, the fans, each week all throughout October. The first one has been posted. It's for Zombicide: Invader and it's called Get Them Out Alive.

From the post:

It's October 1st and therefore spooky season is officially OPEN! Let's kick off our ZombiMadness month, with a new fan-made scenario every week! 

This week's scenario is brought to you by Frederik Emil Andersson. Frederik cut his fellow fans no slack, so get ready for a challenge!

This is a scenario for Zombicide: Invader. Two of our friends got locked in a room whilst out on recon. We need to break them out, but only the Sentry gun can destroy this door. Also, we might as well complete the recon. Lots to do, let’s get to it!