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CMON Posts New Green Horde Scenario

CMON is posting up a new scenario for their various Zombicide games every week. This time around, they've chosen Green Horde. A new orc necromancer has been spotted. But any time someone tries to take him on, he simply vanishes. That's not good. How will the survivors fight this very elusive foe? That's up to you to find out.

From the post:

The little village of Zaragon is being terrorised by an Orc Necromancer. When people are close to catching him, he just vanishes! And even if they somehow manage to attack him, it’s just useless… Your party is determined to find out what’s going on and put an end to it!

This is a new Scenario for Zombicide: Green Horde that has a unique twist to it. Naevok can be quite a challenge to take down!