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CMON Posts New God of War: The Card Game Preview

The Norns are looking to stop Ragnarok. They're looking into the well of Fate, trying different combinations of heroes and situations in order to do it. That's what you're up to in God of War: The Card Game, coming soon from CMON. In this preview, we get a look at how the heroes work, and some of what makes them unique from one-another.

From the post:

Each Hero in God of War: The Card Game has their own unique dashboard as well as a starting deck of 14 cards, tailor-made to the Hero’s strengths and playstyle. The dashboard shows the Hero’s health total as well as their special Rage ability. Whenever a player uses a card with the Rage symbol on it, they can move their token along the Rage track. When it reaches the end of the track, the player can unleash their Rage and greatly affect the game board. As for the starting deck, they give players the various attack powers and other specials that the Hero is versed in right at the start of the game.