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CMON Posts More Night's Watch Updates

CMON's A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game is getting some more updates, as they want to make sure the game's as balanced and fun as possible. The relatively new factions are the ones getting the bulk o fthe updates this time around, with the Night's Watch having several. In this preview of the upcoming changes, we get a look at Qhorin Halfhand and what he'll be up to in the new version.

From the post:

As we move closer to the updates coming for Night’s Watch, let’s take a look at one of the most prolific legends of the Watch: Qhorin Halfhand.

Qhorin is available in two forms, his Attachment version, the Grizzled Ranger, and his NCU version, the Unwavering Ranger.

We’re not going to dwell too much on his Attachment version, except to note that it is receiving a reduction in cost from 3 points to 2 points. While his specific combination of Abilities is indeed fearsome, 3 points was a steep price for their benefit - especially in a faction with already expensive units.

We will, however, go over the changes to his Unwavering Ranger version.