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CMON Posts Masters of the Universe Design Diary 4

Masters of the Universe was one of the first cartoons I ever remember really getting in to. I had a bunch of the toys as well. So, I'm interested to see what the upcoming Masters of the Universe board game from CMON is going to be like. And we have another look inside in this fourth Design Diary entry.

From the article:

I don’t like to feel good. I like to feel evil!” - Skeletor

It’s often said that the villain is what makes a good story. But I beg to differ – it’s the dynamics of both villains and heroes, and the ups and downs of those two forces rising to match each other, that make for the best, most memorable tales. Both sides of a story’s conflict must be filled with interesting, memorable characters and motivations (even if it is “rule the universe”). Lucky for us, Masters of the Universe happens to have some of the best heroes and villains around! And there are endless ways to mix-and-match them.

Michael Shinall here, co-designer of Masters of the Universe: The Board Game, and today I’m going to talk about the dynamics of Heroes and Villains and how those roles function in the game.

As we’ve spoken about before, Masters of the Universe contains heroes of every type: whether it be He-Man, the Strongest-Man-In-The-Universe, the tactical strategist Man-At-Arms, or the reality-shaping spellcaster Orko (ok, small exaggeration there), or the dozens of other heroic allies, there is something for everyone. But not everyone wants to play the good guy, right? And I totally get it: being heroic is great and all, but sometimes you just want to concoct nefarious schemes and unleash an army of minions to do your bidding... And is that really so much to ask? No, I don’t think it is... So, let’s explore that aspect as it relates to the game...