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CMON Posts Masters of the Universe Design Diary 1

He-Man was the first cartoon that I ever really remember being "in to." Like, I'd watched other cartoons before, but He-Man was the one I had toys, pajamas, and lunchboxes for. Soon, I'll be able to go to the realm of Eternia in a whole new way, reliving my childhood of sorts, with the Masters of the Universe board game coming from CMON. In this, the first Design Diary article for the game, we get a little look into just what this new game will entail.

From the entry:

I Have the Power!

It’s a simple line, but the feelings it stirs really speak to, well, the actual power it holds. For many, that single line can immediately transport them back to a previous time: one built on Saturday mornings, of heroes and villains in a far-off land, and of epic clashes between the forces of good and evil that inspired millions of imaginations to go forth and mash toys together as they created stories of their own. For newer generations, while the specific circumstances might have changed, the feelings of empowerment, wonder and excitement resonate the same as they ever did.

This is the legacy of He-Man and Masters of the Universe.

Hello, Michael Shinall here, co-designer of the Masters of the Universe: The Board Game, and today we’re going to talk about characters and the transition from the classic toy line to the tabletop.