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CMON Posts Masters of the Universe: The Board Game Design Diary #6

In Masters of the Universe: The Board Game, players can opt for a 1-vs-many style. That 1 is called the Controller and they have various things at their disposal in order to defeat the others. One such is the Strategy Card deck. But what are these cards? We get a look at how they'll work in this Design Diary entry.

From the article:

Before continuing, we suggest you read up on those, as we’re going to talk about and expand upon some elements we previously covered!Having said that, one of the main fundamentals of the game is the difference when playing a single Character as part of the group or taking on the role of the Controller and masterminding an entire side of the fight. A key difference in those roles lies with the Strategy Deck.

So just what is this deck, you ask? As the Controller, included in your arsenal of resources are your Strategy Cards, contained within their own special deck. These cards act as secretive abilities and effects that the Controller can utilize throughout the game to either boost the capabilities of their Characters or hinder the efforts of their opponents. By spending Power (the de facto “resource” of the game) you’ll have access to a number of these cards - it’s a limited quantity though, so you’ll need to plan just how best to use them as the game progresses.

Now, we don’t want you to think these are just some freebie “Surprise! I got you!” effects for the Controller. Oh no - like everything else in the game, drawing and playing these cards requires expending Power, and that Power must be directly spent from a Skill on the Controller Board (The Battle Plan skill, specifically). This means that the players can tell that the Controller is up to something if they begin allocating Power to this specific Skill. This also means that using these cards is a strategic and tactical choice by the Controller, and they will be rewarded for clever usage!