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CMON Posts Masters of the Universe: The Board Game Design Diary 2

CMON is working on a new board game based on the Masters of the Universe license. I remember having a bunch of these toys as a kid and it'll be fun to revisit Eternia in my now geriatric old age. In this preview, co-designer Michael Shinall gives us a look at some more of the game's mechanics, specifically power.

From the article:


What does it mean to you? Is it something to be used for your own advantage? A method of crushing those that stand in your way? Or is it something that must be paired with restraint, used only for good in defense of the defenseless, and to make the universe a better place?

That question lies at the heart of the struggle between good and evil, and Masters of the Universe excels in bringing it to the forefront in an action-packed, epic way. Whether it was He-Man’s valiant efforts to protect the power within Castle Grayskull, or Skeletor’s ruthless thirst to control the universe, power was always at the center of these conflicts. And on the tabletop, it’s no exception!

Michael Shinall here, co-designer of the Masters of the Universe: The Board Game, and today I’m going to talk about “power” and what it means for the game. While the above paragraph might have dealt with the more, let’s say, philosophical aspects of power, in this context we’re using it to describe one of our core gameplay systems we’ve implemented!