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CMON Posts Massive Darkness 2 Overview Article

Massive Darkness 2 is coming soon to Kickstarter. What's changed? What's stayed the same? How has the story progressed? Well, not everything is answered in detail in this first article, but you can get an initial glimpse at what is coming with this new edition in this article.

From the article:

Welcome to Massive Darkness 2! Ten years have passed since the Lightbringers drove back the hordes of the Darkness and sealed the Portal from whence they came. The heroes thought their job done, but the newfound peace was never meant to last. Dangerous new Portals have suddenly opened up all across the land. The Darkness and its hordes are flooding through, stronger than ever. It will not be enough to simply close the Portals this time. The Lightbringers must travel through them into the unknown to destroy the Darkness once and for all. Either Light will triumph, or the Darkness will consume every being in the world. This is where players find themselves in Massive Darkness 2, a new edition of the hit dungeon-crawler game. Let’s take a look at a few of the exciting changes players can expect!

For Massive Darkness 2, the game designers took a long, hard look at every aspect of the game, listening intensively to gamer feedback from hundreds hours of gameplay. The goal of the designers was to improve every element of the game to create the ultimate dungeon-crawler-in-a-box. As such, they’ve reevaluated every rule, every mechanic, and basically everything else about how the game works, stripping it down to its foundation and then rebuilding the ruleset, stronger and better. The game still retains the classic, cooperative, dungeon-crawl feel, but with optimized gameplay for a smoother tabletop experience.