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CMON Posts Massive Darkness 2 Designer Diary Part 1

Massive Darkness is getting an overhaul. The first version sold well... but most agreed it was mostly because it was a ton of minis that can be used in D&D games for a super-cheap price (comparatively). Well, this time around, the designers want to make sure people are buying it for the game. How're they doing that? Well, they're letting you right into the process with a Design Diary series. The first has been posted for you to check out.

From the article:

Hi folks! My name is Alex, and I’m one of the designers, along with Marco Portugal, of Massive Darkness 2: Hellscape (Hellscape being the sub-title of the core box). Our relationship with this franchise started a few years back, not as designers, but as developers of the first Massive Darkness game. Massive Darkness means a lot to us both, as it was our first big project at CMON; and what a dream assignment! I mean, my first big project was a dungeon crawler hack ‘n slash taking place in a medieval fantasy universe? That’s music to the ears of this longtime Diablo fan!

Back then we were anxious about the reception of the game, which in turn, made us keep track of community feedback. Yes folks, we have been closely combing Facebook groups, Reddit threads and, of course, BGG since the release of the first game. Getting this vast amount of information is the dream of every developer looking to improve their work. After reading all the reactions, we often found ourselves discussing what we could have done differently, hoping one day to have the chance.