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CMON Posts Marvel Zombies Design Diary #4

A zombie plague is spreading throughout the Marvel universe and even the mighty heroes are succumbing to it. And in Marvel Zombies: A Zombicide Game, you're trying to help it along! In this Design Diary entry, we get a look at how that will work as the script is flipped on the usual Zombicide story, as players are the zombies, not the Survivors looking to stop them.

From the entry:

I haven’t eaten in over a day!” - Anthony Stark, Earth-2149

In the world of Marvel Zombies, the Zombie Virus hasn’t stripped the higher brain functions from those it has infected. No, almost worse, it has left them fully aware, but unable to control their rampant hunger for flesh.

This sets the tone of subtle tragedy that permeates the entire setting of Marvel Zombies. As strong and stalwart as Earth’s Mightiest Heroes are, even they are unable to resist the new existence that has been thrust upon them. Michael Shinall here, one of the designers for Marvel Zombies: A Zombicide Game, and today we’re going to take a closer look at one of the Heroes of the Core Game, and how he plays: Tony Stark himself, the incredible Iron Man.

In some fundamental changes from standard Zombicide, each Zombie Super Hero comes with their own built-in attacks directly printed on their ID Card. This means that, unlike typical Zombicide, which has players finding various Weapons to utilize, the Infected Player Characters already have this innately (you can read more about that HERE). In the case of Iron Man, his attack is Missile Wave, which rolls a respectable 3 dice (base) and hits on a 4+. Most importantly, it can be used from Range 1, giving him the edge when it comes to distance.