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CMON Posts Interview With Night of the Living Dead: A Zombicide Game Developers

There are many ways that game designers can approach taking a movie or TV show and turning it into a board game. How did the Zombicide developers do it with Night of the Living Dead? We may never know... ... ... Actually, we know exactly, because they told us. CMON has posted up an interview with the developers. Have a look.

From the post:

Just like the process of the game itself, we move forward to the next step: adapting the setting, characters, and story of the movie to the game design, staying true to its core identity and at the same time bringing the Zombicide flavor that we know and love, making sure that both merged together seamlessly.

In today's article, Jean-Baptiste Lullien, Raphaël Guiton, and Nicolas Raoult, the game designers behind the Zombicide line, explain their process to adapt Night of the Living Dead into a board game.