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CMON Posts History of Zombicide: Part 2

After the initial 3 seasons of Zombicide, the folks over at CMON decided to take the franchise to a different location. The previous games had been set in a modern world, but what if the zombie infestation happened in a medieval fantasy setting? Thus, Zombicide: Black Plague was born. Continuing their look through the history of Zombicide, they posted an article about this ye olden times version.

From the post:

With the great success of the first three Seasons of Zombicide, the designers were looking to continue the brand. Throughout the years, they had been thinking about what Zombicide might look like in different settings. In the first three Seasons, they explored places like a prison, a mall, and a hospital. But what about different eras? What would it be like if a zombie plague happened in a medieval fantasy setting? How would Survivors fight back with those sorts of resources? Thus, the idea of Zombicide: Black Plague came about. As we continue our look back at the history of Zombicide, we head way, way, way back in time to a land of knights, dragons, and magic. Let’s take a look.

Thematically, Black Plague was more than just a move in terms of time and location. The zombie hordes in the original Seasons were a random force of chaos. As far as the population knew, they just showed up one day, with no greater scheme at play. However, in Black Plague, such was not the case. The zombie hordes weren’t just moving at random, searching for Survivors. They were a tool, an army for the nefarious Necromancers who unleashed them upon the world. For exactly what purpose, only they knew, but it changed the narrative from one of simply survival to one of trying to defeat agreater evil.