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CMON Posts Article About Copyright and Night of the Living Dead

Copyright. It's an interesting subject. Obviously, when you create something, you want to be able to control how its used. Well, Night of the Living Dead has had an interesting copyright life, and with Night of the Living Dead: A Zombicide Game, people are wondering, "how does this interact with the movie's somewhat-notorious copyright history?" Well, in this article, CMON explains just what's going on.

From the post:

Without Night of the Living Dead, there would be no Zombicide. The film is one of the best-known and most influential horror movies ever: the seminal work that crystalized zombies as unintelligent, but determined, undead flesh-eating creatures. It’s spawned countless sequals - official and decidedly not official – and ignighted an entire sub-genre of pop culture; the zombie genre itself has become an evergreen mainstay in film, TV, gaming, and merchandising.

However, the film is also well-known for its confusing copyright history, which has plagued the movie since its debut. In order to clear things up, we talked to brothers Russ and Gary Streiner of Image Ten, who were members of the team that produced the movie.


  drew at Dec-12 19
Should have named this article "Rights of the Living Dead." So the film itself is public domain, but the restoration and the character likenesses are protected, right? The people who work with Image Ten have always had access to better copies of the film (a lot of the DVD releases have deteriorated so much that people think it was shot on 16mm film stock rather than 32mm). The likeness rights means that derivative works like the game need the license. What surprises me is that they claim that this protects from 'bootleg' copies of the original version of the film- which is still public domain. I was kind of surprised that CMON wasn't using additional Romero "Of the Dead" series stuff, but those rights are probably not held by Image Ten.
  Marcus at Dec-12 19
I love the title "Rights on the Living Dead!" Well played. Yeah, copyright law is very confusing to say the least. It doesn't help that some companies (ah-hem, Disney) find ways to extend copyright law far beyond what it was originally intended to do.