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CMON Posts Arcadia Quest: A Portal Trouble Scenario

CMON has a new Arcadia Quest scenario that they've posted over on their website. There's always something going on in Arcadia, and when a portal starts acting up, the Guilds are sent in to investigate. What will they find on the other side?

From the article:

With the end of Malkhor, the Eternal Hunter (so much for Eternal, huh?), Arcadians enjoyed life once more as the city returned to peace (though "peace" is a tricky word to use when talking about Arcadia). That is, until troubling news about a portal malfuncioning reached King David. Now the guilds must be summoned once again to help save the city!

“A Portal Trouble” is designed as a ‘Scenario 1’. Alternatively, you can choose to play it using Episodic Mode. This scenario can be played using either the original Arcadia Quest or Inferno as the basis, and it has two different maps: one for use with each core box.