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CMON Posts Another Song of Ice and Fire 1.5 Update

The 1.5 Update for the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game rapidly approaches. This is seeing the game get a mid-sized overhaul of its system and many players are anxious to see what changes will happen. In this update, we get a look at some more Unit and Unit Attachment updates. Make sure you're playing with the right rules!

From the post:

Bannermen, we continue our look into the upcoming 1.5 revisions for A Song of Ice and Fire.

Before continuing, please check out the previous two articles in our series for the full scope of what is being done.

Visions in the Flames: Attachments and Units in Update 1.5

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Visions in the Flames: Abilities and Adjustments in Update 1.5

Today we’re going to be taking a look at three additional Attachments/Units that are receiving an Update in 1.5. Honestly, this, combined with the previous articles, actually covers a decent majority of what is being touched upon. As we’ve previously said, the focus on updating Attachments and Units is primarily to boost some options that just weren’t meeting full expectations, either in usage or general value. There are a couple items that received some tuning based on overperformance, but these are the outliers and very minimal. That all being said, let’s jump right in.