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CMON Posts Ankh Teaser Video

With the end of the Marvel United Kickstarter campaign, it's CMON's tradition to go ahead and announce which game they'll be doing next. In this case, it's one that they originally announced during Gen Con last year. Ankh is the next game in the Eric Lang-helmed line of games that includes Blood Rage and Rising Sun. This time, they're headed to the ancient land of Egypt as the different gods fight it out to see which one will be the sole deity of the region.

From the post:

Ever since it was announced last GenCon, fans have been eagerly awaiting the next installment in the legendary saga that began with Blood Rage and continued with Rising Sun. The same creative team, including game design by Eric Lang, art by Adrian Smith, and sculpts by Mike McVey, are proud to bring you ANKH: Gods of Egypt, coming soon to Kickstarter!

The gods that rule over Egypt can no longer share the devotion of the people. One by one, the gods must fall into oblivion, until only one will remain. Spread your forces across the land, build monuments to establish your dominion, reshape the land to your advantage, gain followers to increase your powers and get the support of powerful guardians. As the sands soak the blood in conflicts decided by both strength and cunning, each god will use their unique power to climb to the top of the devotion ladder. Will you be the one to achieve life eternal?