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CMON Launches Massive Darkness 2: Hellscape Kickstarter

"I'm... I'm attacking the Darkness!" Yes, you too can attack the Darkness when it returns in Massive Darkness 2: Hellscape. This new edition of the dungeon-crawl game from CMON is up on Kickstarter now. The game mechanics have been broken down to their original pieces and built back up again with changes like having each class work and play differently from one-another, new types of monsters, and a new loot system. Head on over and check out the campaign.

From the Kickstarter:

Massive Darkness 2: Hellscape takes the exciting dungeon-crawling action of the original Massive Darkness and brings it to a whole new level!

Take on the role of Lightbringers, a group of Heroes fighting the forces of Darkness in this thrilling cooperative game for 1-6 players.

Inspired by classic RPG games, this board game needs no game master to take you to the depths of Hell and beyond, fighting a variety of mobs and epic enemies to save the world!

The campaign's already more than 4x funded with 20 days left to go.