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CMON Launches Marvel United: X-Men Kickstarter

CMON is running a Kickstarter campaign for Marvel United: X-Men. The cooperative superhero game is adding mutants and their enemies to the party. The campaign includes expansions that also bring in supervillain play, adding competitive gaming to the normally cooperative style. You can even get all the exclusive stuff from the previous campaign.

From the campaign:

Marvel United is back, bringing the X-Men into this acclaimed fast-paced cooperative game. Build your team of mutant Heroes and join forces to thwart the master plan of the most powerful Villains in the universe. Now you can also choose to take direct control of a Super Villain, facing off against the other united Super Hero players!

Simple rules, deep strategy, easy setup, quick playtime, variable difficulty, eye-catching artwork, and amazing character pieces, all united to bring you the most engaging Marvel play experience!

The game blasted past its funding goal pretty much immediately, so it's on through stretch goals for the next 20 days.