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CMON Launches Ankh: Gods of Egypt Board Game Kickstarter

Egypt is moving from a polytheistic society to a monotheistic one. All the various gods see what's happening and have vowed to be the one god that everyone worships. In the end, only one will be left while the others will only be remembered in history. That's the story behind Ankh: Gods of Egypt, the new board game from CMON and the team that brought you Blood Rage and Rising Sun. The Kickstarter campaign just got underway.

From the campaign:

From the creators of Blood Rage and Rising Sun comes the next installment in this legendary saga!

Designed by Eric Lang, with art by Adrian Smith, and miniatures by Studio McVey, Ankh: Gods of Egypt is a competitive game in which 2 to 5 players assume the role of ancient Egyptian gods, fighting against inexorable oblivion as history advances towards monotheism.

Using unique powers and mythical guardians, each god must gain followers, have monuments built in their honor, and inspire warriors to fight for their beliefs. Only devotion can sustain you for eternity.

Only one god can remain.

The Kickstarter is up and running now.


  frankeajs at 81 days ago
I hear CMON is in trouble in HONG KONG with an audit and they have stopped trading on the stock market.
  Marcus at 81 days ago
Yes, CMON appears to be undergoing an audit but let's not spread rumors without some sources and facts. So here is the source article saying they are under audit: And here is CMON's rebuttal: