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CMON Announces Starcadia Quest

CMON has announced Starcadia Quest. This new game takes the PvPvE that you love in Arcadia Quest and blasts it off into space. The next-generation of the game system, this new game isn't just a reskin, but an advancement in play, streamlining things and just creating a better overall gaming experience.

Also rayguns and stuff. There's those, too.

From the announcement:

Space is vast, and it was only a matter of time before the residents of Arcadia developed the technology to explore beyond their own world. Contact has been made with alien planets. Many of them, in fact. Some have proven themselves to be allies, and some… not so much, but enough friends have been made to form a loose partnership. The Starcadian Alliance is not a governing body, but rather an agreement for mutual defense for any threats that may crop up in the universe. It’s a good thing the alliance is in place too, because a threat of epic proportions is on its way!