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CMON Announces Fairy Tale Inn Board Game

When the Fantasy Fair comes to town, the city's population swells as fairy tale characters from all over come for the festivities. However, there's only one Inn in town and they'll all have to find a spot. The two innkeepers have placed a bet between the two of them: who can better-place all the guests in their inn? That's what you'll be doing in Fairy Tale Inn, a new board game coming soon from CMON.

From the post:

The Fantasy Fair is about to begin, and storybook characters from all over the realm are coming to town for the show. Everyone knows there’s only one place the visitors all want to stay: The Fairy Tale Inn! It’s everyone’s favorite home away from home, and like always, the place is going to be fully booked. Each of the Inn’s two owners compete to be the one who takes the best care of the guests. They will take turns ushering guests into enchanted rooms, gaining gold for strategic placement, and successfully keeping the guests from fighting (note to self: NEVER put Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf in adjoining rooms!). In the end, the most successful innkeeper wins! That’s the story behind Fairy Tale Inn, a new board game coming soon, where players strategically fill up a vertical game board with some of the most famous faces in fairy tale history. Let’s dive ‘inn’ and find out the inner workings of this gravity-driven family game.

Fairy Tale Inn is a quick, easy game to learn and play. Its family friendly nature lets everyone join in. The fantastical theme is great for younger gamers, and gameplay is accessible to new and old gamers alike.

In Fairy Tale Inn, two players try to earn the most gold coins by the end of the game. For setup, players select the Character Cards of guests who will be present during that game, and then take the corresponding Character Tokens and toss them into the mixing bag. Next, players randomly draw those tokens to fill up the Guest List Board. After randomly choosing who goes first, the first player gets a gold coin, while the other player gets two. Now the game begins!