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CMON Announces April 14th Launch Date for Ankh Kickstarter

Ankh is the next board game that's coming to Kickstarter from CMON. It's the third in the series of games created by the people that also brought you Blood Rage and Rising Sun. Egypt is moving to a monotheistic society and the gods are fighting to see who that single deity will be. The game will be on the platform on April 14th.

From the post:

A Note to All Our Backers, Supporters and Fans,

We are thrilled to finally be launching Ankh: Gods of Egypt. It’s a game years in the making, and we’ve pulled out all the stops to make this campaign our best and most exciting yet. We also want to acknowledge what a difficult period of time it is for many people around the world. Choosing to postpone or not was a tough decision, but based on all the factors, including the many messages we received on social media, we decided to move forward with the campaign as planned. We don’t know when the world will go back to normal but debuting a game so many have been waiting for so long feels like the correct path forward. To that end, we will be keeping the pledge manager open as long after the campaign as possible to accommodate those who would like extra time to finalize their pledges.