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By Fire and Sword: Task Force Available For Pre-Order

There's a new encounter level coming for By Fire and Sword. Between the skirmish level and the division level is the Task Force level. It's not exactly a small group encountering another, or massed armies meeting on the battlefield, but something in-between, with several squads working together. Pre-orders for the new book detailing all the intricacies of this new game size are available now.

From the announcement:

Starting from today you can pre-order Task Force rulebook!

Premiere is scheduled for the second half of September. For each pre-ordered book, we'll be adding miniature of hetman Janusz Radziwiłł. We'll publish rules for Task Force commanded by him as pdf. This task force will be also available and in our online Army Creator.

Later today pre-order will be available also in Wargamer LLC store in US.