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Buy War Chest and Get Curios For Free From AEG

Another sale item is up over in AEG's webshop. This time around, get War Chest and get Curios for free. No coupon code required. Just buy one game and get another for nothing. And who doesn't love getting free stuff? Nobody, that's who.

From the announcement:

Don't miss this great deal at! Buy War Chest at and get the awesome quick-playing bluffing game Curios for FREE! War Chest is the #6 ranked Abstract game on BoardGameGeek, and definitely earns the rank. With beautiful chips to represent your troops, War Chest is a tight chess-like bag-building war game.

Curios is a quick-playing game of limited-information and bluffing. Will you collect the most valuable treasures, or will your opponents lead you astray to ones worth less points?

Just add War Chest to your shopping cart and Curios will be added for FREE!