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Buy Trains and get Trainmaker Free From AEG

Can't really beat "Free" when it comes to a sale. I mean, sure, they could throw extra money on top of it or something, but realistically, free is about as good as you can get. And that's where you're at if you order Trains from AEG. Get a copy of that and you'll get a free copy of Trainmaker with it. And if you're in the US, shipping is free as well.

From the announcement:

Reserve your seat for fun!  Trains is a challenging deckbuilder that has you building the most effective train routes through Japan. And if you buy now, we'll also include Trainmaker, a fast and fun push-your-luck dice roller about moving goods from town to town on classic steam engines.  That's double the train fun with free shipping in the US!

No special code needed, but the offer is for a limited time so don't miss it!