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Burning Games Announces CoreBall Kickstarter

Burning Games will soon be throwing their hat into the arena of fantasy sports games. CoreBall takes place in the far-off future, full of sci-fi action and great miniatures. Players float around the arena, gaining inertia as they move. Just make sure you don't overshoot your target. the Kickstarter campaign will launch on April 16th.

From the release:

CoreBall is a science fiction miniatures board game for 2-4 players developed by Burning Games and Big Child Creatives where players will grapple, push, hack and steal their ways to victory on an ever-changing floating board. It will launch on Kickstarter next April 16th.

High stakes on an ever-changing floating board

CoreBall pits two to four players in a strategic match for the control of the ball while they avoid asteroids and other space hazards. Each player controls a unique team of flyers formed by a mixture of named characters and mercenaries to shape the ultimate strategy.

Matches take place in a 4x4 grid that changes every round, forcing players to think on their feet and adapt their strategies on the go! Additionally, each round flyers will accumulate inertia; at the end of the round, they’ll have to move as many squares as inertia they have. They may be forced to end up in a dangerous square!

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