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Brother Vinni Releases Slavic Archers Unit For SAGA

Brother Vinni's got a new unit available for SAGA over in their webshop. It's a group of four slavic-style women with bows. Reach out, reach out and touch someone with metal-tipped death as your enemies try to close with you. You can pick up this unit now.

From the post:

Slavic Archers (female warriors for SAGA). This set of 4 high-quality resin miniatures depicts fantasy slavic-style women armed with bows. This set would be a good addition for any SAGA warband or just for playing fantasy wargames. Miniatures designed and casted by Brother Vinni's studio.

  • heroic 28 mm scale
  • grey polyurethane resin
  • multipart figures, unpainted, unassembled
  • bases not included