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Broken RPG Up On Kickstarter

In the Broken RPG you'll... uh... well... that hasn't really been decided yet. And you can play as a... umm... that's up for debate as well. And the setting is... still in the works. That's because it's the backers that are designing the game over the course of the month-long campaign.

From the campaign:

We're creating a role playing game.  A game designed based on choices our backers vote for.  Backers will decide the game mechanic, genre and races. 

Keep reading, support the campaign and buckle up because its going to be a wild ride!

What the H*LL?!?! 

The fine folks at KickStarter asked for people to create new types of campaigns as part of the "Break KickStarter" promotion so we're doing just that! 

This is more than the game development and art, this is a month long social event!  Take to social media and advocate for your choices. Convince others to pledge and cast their votes to support what you want Broken! to be. You can only pledge/vote once but don't let that stop you from swaying others to join the campaign and help us to create a truly unique RPG.  Let's get everyone involved!!

How does this work?

For starters, everyone pledging at a tier gets the game.  We'll push out play test version first (digital, PDF) by December of this year and revise as needed to arrive at the completed game (estimated to be done by July 2020).  

Once the play test period is over, the game content will get revised into finished product stage.  All backers will receive their PDF for that version and print on demand codes for use through so you can order a print copy.  The print on demand code will allow you to purchase the book at the print on demand print cost (same price I pay to have them printed through drivethrurpg) plus your shipping.

The campaign is up and running now and is set to go for another 29 days.