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Breachstorm Expands with Project Blacksmyth

The folks over working on Breachstorm are looking to add even more factions to the game. Of course, adding just anything would possibly unbalance the game. Best to thoroughly test everything before it becomes official. As such, they're launching Project Blacksmyth that will fulfill both goals. New factions will be released as beta test rules. You, the players, can test them out, give feedback, and things can be altered before the official release.

From the announcement:

The Blacksmyth Corps is a disavowed component of the Homeworld Intelligence Bureau - the clandestine branch of the Homeworld Defense Corps.  Blacksmyth teams are composed of hyper-elite agents dispatched on sensitive assignments, and often capable of commandeering other Confederate armed forces for their operations.  The Blacksmyth Corps is also tasked with the covert acquisition and development of illicit technologies in their blacksite installations, and is rumored to even have involvement in illegal programs such as the Agoge Foundation’s "Project Paragon."

The near-limitless reach and seemingly bottomless resources of the Blacksmyth Corps are feared by other clandestine organizations across the Spur… assuming they even know of its existence.

The Blacksmyth Project is the next evolution of the Breachstorm Miniatures Game; and will seek to explore the deep universe of the Spur with the regular release of new rules content.

New profiles and factions will become available over the coming months branded with the logo of the Blacksmyth Corps - these new releases will be model-agnostic and completely suitable for matched play, but will see rapid updates based on feedback and playtesting to maintain balance.

Blacksmyth Project profiles will also be legal for organized play as long as suitable stand-in miniatures are used per the Tactical Ops Game Component Standards.