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Breachstorm Coming Back to Kickstarter In August

Breachstorm is coming back to Kickstarter in 1 month's time. Starting August 16th, this new campaign will be looking to add a new faction to the game, as well as expanding on current factions. They're also looking to make pledging easier, getting rid of complex pledge levels for a more a-la carte format.

From the announcement:

After a short break, Breachstorm: Reloaded is returning to Kickstarter this August!

The campaign will focus on bringing new miniatures into the game, including the insectoid Volucrid Host faction and new options for the game's existing factions.

The Qairus, Willblade Swordmaster limited edition miniature (pictured above) will be available exclusively during the campaign, alongside Breachstorm's other two limited edition Kickstarter miniatures!

All members of our media partners can expect a preview miniature of this powerful character in their mailboxes soon!

The primary goal of the Breachstorm: Reloaded relaunch will be to make the Qairus, Synod Agent and Willblade Swordmaster sculpts available to players, alongside new terrain and components for the game.

  • Tons of stretch goals - Dozens of other miniatures will be unlockable and available as stretch-goals!
  • Community involvement - We want the community to be as deep a part of the new Breachstorm campaign as possible - so the order in which they're unlocked will be decided by community vote!

A la carte pledges - we're doing away with the complex bundles deals from our other campaigns; instead all pledges can now be managed easily through the Breachstorm online store and give massive discounts on all Breachstorm products, including older releases!

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