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Brave the Darkness Horror-Fantasy RPG Up On Kickstarter

Evil has won. The world is a dark, scary place. Foul beasts roam the blackness between small, walled cities of civilization. It's into this horrific world that you find yourself in Brave the Darkness, a new horror-fantasy RPG up on Kickstarter. How long will you survive in the deep woods with just your quickly diminishing wits about you?

From the campaign:

Brave The Darkness is a horror-fantasy tabletop roleplaying game set in a world thrust into a state of darkness. This darkness, having been brought on be the corrupting power that is sorcery, has wounded the world permanently; wretched hellspawn and savage beasts skulk wherever torchlight does not fall. As for humanity, they have been corralled into walled-off cities where they collectively stagnate and grow more wicked by the day. 

Players take on the role of mortal adventurers- not high fantasy heroes. We are quite proud of having kept this design in mind. This world is something to be feared and it will take everything from you; the threat of injury, illness and death are inescapable. This threat is maintained by having developed a system where a character does not grow to be overpowered and where even the lowliest of creatures may strike you dead where you stand.

We designed Brave The Darkness with a large emphasis on roleplay and because of this, we view character flaws and realistic character growth within the world as an essential element to making our game work. 

With access to a plethora of Character Traits; Character Downtime (both in-game and out); 18 different Skills; different weapon playstyles; as well as our quick and deadly turnless combat that rewards tactical thinking, players will have numerous opportunities to discover who their character is in this world and play the way they want to.

As for the world itself, Brave The Darkness is designed to be built from the ground up with our unique hex-map design that even allows for cooperative world-building between the Gamemaster and the players. 

This is not a game that tells the tale of how the forces of good will triumph over evil; this is a tale of survival in a world where evil won a long time ago.

The campaign is up and running now with 25 days left to go.