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Brancalonia RPG Setting Guide Up On Kickstarter

Brancalonia is a new setting guide for D&D that's up on Kickstarter now. It's a little different from your regular settings as it's made for a Renaissance/Medieval game that's heavily influenced by Italy. So much so, they're calling it Spaghetti Fantasy (no word on how much reverb there is when people's boots walk across the hardwood floors).

From the campaign:

“Enter Brancalonia, an anti-heroic land full of pitfalls and profit possibilities, in the most incredible and roguish Italian role-playing game you have ever participated in!

Create your band of Knaves, enlist in a free Company, get assigned some well-paid jobs, whack some chiacchierone and go give a fist and knife buffet to those deserving it.

When you have collected a nice loot and climbed the ranks of your company a bit, you will be ready to try your luck in that final job that could let you go out in blaze of glory...

After all, you are in a fantasy version of Italy: escape from guards, taste La Bella Vita and gain big money with some dirty job. What could possibly go wrong?”

The campaign's more than 6x funded with 19 days to go.