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Bob’s Burgers Belcher Family Food Fight Available Now From USAopoly

Who doesn't love burgers? Even my vegetarian friend will happily chomp on a Beyond or Impossible burger. They're just so versitile, what with all the possible topping combinations. And it's creating burgers and topping them that's your goal in Bob's Burgers Belcher Family Food Fight, a new board game that's available now from USAopoly.

From the announcement:

“Slingin’ burgers” takes on a whole new meaning with the newest roll-and-fling family game from The Op Games | usaopoly! Bob’s Burgers Belcher Family Food Fighthas finally arrived—and being told to clean your plate has never been more exciting!

In this tomato-tossing, lettuce-lobbing, plate-passing frenzy, your favorite fast food family The Belchers are settling the usual petty dispute with a good old-fashioned food fight. Gather around with Bob, Linda, Tina, Gene, Louise, and Teddy to pitch everything but the kitchen sink at your opponents! Roll the dice to determine what to grab-and-go without sparing a second. Then get rid of all your food to prove you’re the fastest hands on the line!