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Blue Orange Gen Con Events Preview

Gen Con Online is happening this weekend. And while it might not be the same as being in Indy, companies are still having lots of great online previews of what they're working on. That includes Blue Orange Games. You can get a look at some of it here.

From the announcement:

Every year at this time we are in Indianapolis for our biggest consumer show, Gen Con, where we launch our new hobby games. Unfortunately this year the event was cancelled, but replaced with an online convention which we are excited to be part of! We hope you got your free entry ticket and we invite you to check out the events we have prepared for you, here is a link to Blue Orange events:

Make sure to check out our Promotional Card on GenCon online website when the convention starts, we will have a special promo code to order our games on our website with Free Shipping, and you will have a chance to pre-order our new releases at the same time!

Speaking of new releases… The long awaited Photosynthesis expansion Under the Moonlight is coming! We know many fans of the base game will absolutely love it! We also have 2 new strategy board games, Meeple Land and Cloud City