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Bleak Moor Solo Card Game Available Now From Zadorf

There's many ways to make a living in this world. Some are more reputable than others. One of the less reputable is being a wrecker. In this instance, that refers to someone who lures ships onto treacherous rocks along the coastline in order to cause them to wreck. Then you head over and grab whatever salvage you can. I wouldn't recommend doing it in real life, but you can certainly do it in Bleak Moor, a new solo card game available now from Zadorf.

From the announcement:

Bleak Moor is a single player card game that forces you to enter into the unsavoury world of wrecking – the despicable act of luring ships onto treacherous rocks so you can plunder their cargo.

Your nightmare begins with the delivery of your first ransom note. It details a ship that is about to set sail, the amount of cargo it carries, and the price you must pay for this information.

Starting with a limited amount of cargo you must first recruit help from an untrustworthy bunch of smugglers. Each smuggler has a unique ability, some bad habits, and a limit to the amount of cargo they can carry.

Together you must then attempt to lure a ship onto the treacherous rocks, known as The Devil’s Teeth, in the hope that you can salvage more cargo. With the turn of every card however, you risk encountering survivors or being discovered by the patrolling Redcoats.

Over the long winter months, you will receive six of these ransom notes, each varies in difficulty and makes mounting demands upon you. Only by managing your resources and salvaging the right cargo will you be able

to meet all six demands.

Fail to meet any ransom demand and your life will most certainly be in danger, meet all six and you might just live to see another summer!