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Blackstorm Realms RPG Setting Up On Kickstarter

Blackstorm Realms is a new setting for your RPGs, but it's also all your settings for all your RPGs. Being a setting with plenty of ways into new realms and new worlds, it's a great bridge for others, as well as integrating plenty of new content that it brings to the table itself. This new book is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Players and game masters, this book is for you. You might be wondering why you need yet another 5e resource book– but hang on. This isn't just "another 5e world book". Blackstorm Realms is all about YOUR worlds. Yes...worlds. And, it's about character customization options with our optional game mechanics called Aparatum. It is a playground without boundaries having fresh lore to invigorate your campaigns and provide new places and a system of customization to keep your games from being the same and stale.

Blackstorm Realms allows you to incorporate your own homebrew realms, well-known official realms, and third party realms into one seamless universe and provides you with the means to move back and forth between all of them. Are there suns and moons and stars in your realm? Then give your players an opportunity to discover what's on them, not just what's beyond the horizon, BUT also what is beyond the BEYOND!

In Blackstorm Realms, you are introduced to at least three new realms that exist in a galaxy known as The Celestial Tree. Feel free to create your own backstory or realms, but Blackstorm Realms offers you the mechanics to move players between realms. You'll have access to rules that govern a galaxy filled with a near-infinite amount of realms to explore.

The campaign's about 3/5 of the way to its goal with 38 days left to go.