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Blacksad: The Roleplaying Game Up On Kickstarter

Many of you have maybe read the works of Juan Díaz Canales and Juanjo Guarnido and their comic Blacksad. But even if you haven't, if you're a fan of noir-style games, Cold War espionage, or just anthropomorphic animals, you might want to check out Blacksad: The Roleplaying Game. The game's designed to be easy to pick up for anyone new to gaming, but also in-depth enough to keep us old veterans interested. The game's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Welcome to Blacksad: The Roleplaying Game. Tell stories based on the noir fiction of the Eisner-award comic by Juan Díaz Canales and Juanjo Guarnido. Set in the early years of the Cold War, in a world filled with anthropomorphic animals, a black cat named John Blacksad works as a detective. Throughout the numerous volumes that define the series, Blacksad solves cases, collides with his past and suffers through all kinds of adventures that revolve around the classic themes of noir fiction.

In Blacksad: The Roleplaying Game you have the chance to enjoy the world of Blacksad in a totally different way. In a roleplaying game, players tell fictional stories, much like a storyteller does, except all the players create the story together. If this is your first roleplaying game, you're lucky! This game is especially recommended for new players.

The rules we’ve developed for Blacksad: The Roleplaying Game are simple and quick. We designed this system because we don’t want the storytelling to pause during exciting and perilous situations; these rules easily support the narrative. You can create characters matching every trope in noir fiction, from the tortured detective to the femme fatale. We will look over this genre and its source material to make an expert out of the game master, prepared to create a fascinating world for their players. All things considered, we created a roleplaying game to best replicate what happens, as faithfully as possible, in the Blacksad comics. Enjoy!

The campaign's closing in on 2x funded with 12 days left to go.