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Black Templars Lead This Week's Pre-Orders from Games Workshop

This week's pre-orders from Games Workshop include Black Templars, Black Templars, Black Templars, Black Templars, and more Black Templars... ... and the latest White Dwarf.

From the article:

This week’s pre-orders are here, and it’s a cause for celebration for those who love a good Crusade – or handwaving away the limitations of the Codex Astartes.

That’s right, the Black Templars’ reinforcements are making their way to battlefields around the world just in time for Black Friday. Fitting, right? That means they have a two week pre-order window, which is a little longer than normal.

Don’t forget that the Warhammer+ voucher promotion is also in effect this month. All subscribers will earn 10% of what they spend back in vouchers, starting at £100 (or local equivalent). Check out the terms and conditions for all the info. With all these Black Templars marching forth, it’s the perfect time to earn some vouchers.