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Black Sun Miniatures and Rulebook Up On Kickstarter

It's a holiday in Cambodia. It's tough, kid, but it's life. It's a holiday in Cambodia, don't forget to pack gear to fight against the lizard-people that inhabit the forests, looking to make a resurgence on the world and take over. That's what you'll find in Black Sun, a new miniatures game that's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

100,000 years ago the Lemurian civilization rivaled Atlantis. Lemurians, unlike the Atlanteans however, were not a human species but were instead reptilians descended from the age of the dinosaurs. Both races were highly advanced in the occult metaphysical arts which were based on a science unlike our modern technology but immensely more powerful than anything humanity has since achieved. Both civilizations simultaneously vanished in a cataclysm of their own making, perhaps a great war between the two. The Ice Age ended, the glaciers melted and the oceans rose, swallowing the Atlantean and the Lemurian continents leaving little behind but legend.

Deep in the remote reaches of the Cambodian jungle lies a lost city, Angkor Sek. The ancient Khmer people constructed their city on the ruins of a much older city, Tau Tau, an outpost of the Lemurian Empire. Beneath the Great Pyramid of Angkor Sek is the Lemurian Heart of the World, a giant crystal of immense power once used to alter time and space. This living jewel still breathes, and at intervals alters space time creating dimensional rifts. One of the rifts leads to Black Sun.

Black Sun is an alternate dimensional version of the Cambodian jungle, but one that has trapped beings from throughout time. On the surface, it is a jungle world like it’s Earth counterpart but the rules of physics are not always consistent with our world. Sometimes rivers flow upwards, rain falls as razer shards of ice and most of all, the Sun, which never sets, is black at it’s core and yet sheds a withering bright radiance which creates a steaming and humid atmosphere.

The campaign's around 1/4 of the way to its goal with still 28 days to go.