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Black Sonata: The Fair Youth Solo Board Game Up On Kickstarter

And now here's one for all you theater and literature majors in the audience. Black Sonata, the solo board game of trying to fing out who the Dark Lady from William Shakespeare's sonnets are. This Kickstarter campaign looks to get you a new version of the game as well as the The Fair Youth expansion.

Exit, pursued by bear.

From the campaign:

For more than four centuries scholars have argued over the identity of the mysterious Dark Lady of William Shakespeare’s sonnets. In Black Sonata, you will find yourself in Shakespeare’s London, circa 1600, in pursuit of the shadowy Lady. Can you finally solve English literature’s greatest mystery? Or will the Dark Lady elude you too?

Black Sonata: The Fair Youth expansion adds new tools and challenges to the base game. Each expansion can be played separately or in combination with any other.

  •  The Fair Youth expansion adds an additional deduction task to the game: you must discover where in London the Fair Youth is hiding.
  •  The Rendezvous challenges you to discover which of the seven landscape features acted as a meeting place for Shakespeare and his Dark Lady.
  •  The Rival Poet adds a second pawn that stalks the streets and interacts with the player via simple movement rules
  •  Waypoints and Traces gives you two tools to mark and track the Dark Lady's location at a particular point in the stealth deck.
  • And The Darker Ladies replace the clue cards in the base game, giving each Dark Lady a new set of characteristics and presenting a slightly harder deduction challenge.

The campaign's more than 15x funded with 12 days left to go.