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Black Cats Gaming Posts The Spy Game RPG Quick Start Rules

Gamers can sometimes be uninterested in learning a whole new rules set, and can be set in their ways. But what if you want to play in a different setting? Thankfully, many rules can be adapted, especially RPG rules. As such, if you want to play an ultra-modern espionage and action RPG, you can still do that while using the 5th Edition rules many of you already know. That's because Black Cats Gaming is releasing The Spy Game. The full game is coming to Kickstarter soon, but you can snag a copy of the Quick Start rules now.

From the website:

The Spy Game is an action & espionage tabletop RPG, powered by modern 5E rules, and invites you into the world of the Agencies to take your place as a world-class spy. Together with your crew of specialists, infiltrators, con-artists, and hackers, you fight to take down an array of shadowy villains and high-tech megalomaniacs.

You can choose from a range of brand new character classes and new takes on old favorites, as well as choosing from a range of incredible gadgets, tools and equipment to allow you to complete your missions. Any play style, from true-to-life thriller experiences to high octane action movies, is possible in this standalone role playing game.

This quickstart preview is a demo of the game, with everything you need to try out an exciting spy adventure with a group of friends:

  • A preview of the in-development rules
  • A three-part spy adventure called "Tectonic Shift" with maps and handouts
  • Eight 3rd-level pre-generated characters - one for each class.