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Big Eyes, Small Mouth 4th Edition Available to Pre-Order from Japanime Games

Big Eyes, Small Mouth lets players dive into their favorite anime and become part of the action like never before. The latest edition of the game, the new 4th edition, is available to order now from the Japanime Games website. There's the deluxe edition, regular edition, naked edition, and more that you can all put your name down on the list to get as soon as they're released. Be the first gamer on your block with these products when they hit shelves.

From the announcement:

We are thrilled to announce that the BESM Fourth Edition RPG line is now available for Pre-order!  View the products below and pre-order today. While you are waiting for 

Limited Edition

Standard Edition

While you're waiting for pre-orders to arrive, you can grab a couple of freebie PDFs to get things rolling!