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Big Eyes, Small Brains Anime RPG Up On Kickstarter

Sometimes, you want just a quick, simple, easy game to use as a one-shot adventure for your group. A nice break from other stuff you've got going on. That's where Attention Span Games comes in with their Pocket RPG Series. The 3rd book in that group is called Big Eyes, Small Brains, and it's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Big Eyes, Small Brains is the third installment in Attention Span Games’ 2D6 based, Pocket RPG Series. It’s a meaty, standalone RPG that’s linked to other installments by its base mechanics, and is designed to mix and match with the rest of the line.

Through Big Eyes, Small Brains, you’ll be able to get your anime in your hip hop, or your metal in your otaku goodness. 

Or, if you’re not feeling that, you can just set out to enjoy the scenic vistas of the all-new realm of Abika as they are.

We at Attention Span Games are excited to be working with Otaku Review’s L.B. Bryant and Anime Herald’s Samantha Ferreira, who brought their combined decades of experience together to create the magnificent realm of Abika. That said, I may have forgotten to rein them in a bit! While we normally aim for a page-count of about 120 for our Pocket RPGs, L.B. and Samantha went above and beyond building this behemoth book that clocks in at more than 300 pages.

And it’s through this Big Eyes, Small Brains boasts:

  • 6 amazing classes, which include the always-coiffed Combat Maids and Butlers and the shimmering Idols
  • 9 vast regions to explore, from the Ayakashi-filled Yotsuya, to the glimmering streets of Lancastar, and the small-town neighborhoods of Mitakihara
  • 32 villains and baddies, that include jack-booted Storm Troopers, steely-eyed Yakuza, and fangirls who will fight literally anything to have senpai notice them.
  • Oodles of character traits, mecha, and more to make your character stand out
  • Cooking skills! Because what kind of anime doesn’t let you make comments on how the cabbage looks?
  • And possibly most important of all, BESB provides a multitude of avenues for you run rampant anime adventures with your friends.

The campaign's about 1/4 of the way to its goal with 26 days left to go.