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Between Sun & Shadow: Realms of Adventure RPG Supplement Up On Kickstarter

The folks at Blue Oxrat are looking to greatly expand their Between Sun & Shadow game. To do this, they've launch a Kickstarter for Realms of Adventure. It's got new gear, new traits, new heritages, and plenty more to give players and GMs all the options they could want (well, they'll probably want more options later, but this will tide them over for now).

From the campaign:

Between Sun & Shadow: Realms of Adventure expands the sandbox-style setting introduced in Between Sun & Shadow 2E. This massive expansion adds new Heritages, Traits, Prestige Traits, Carving, alchemical and clockwork gear, creatures, groups and organizations, NPCs, and so much more. It is fully compatible with Between Sun & Shadow 2E, Tiny Dungeon 2E, and the TinyD6 ruleset.

Between Sun & Shadow: Realms of Adventure requires the use of Between Sun & Shadow 2E and Tiny Dungeon 2E.

The campaign's about halfway to its goal with 6 days left to go.