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Beneath Kra'adumek Cha'alt Playtest Preview Packet Now Available

You've possibly seen the Cha'alt Kickstarter. If you have and you're wondering what the game world is like before you pledge (or if you haven't, but you went and looked and it seems interesting, and you have that same wonder), well, wonder no more. For the Beneath the Kra'adumek: City of the Purple Demon-Worm Preview Packet has been posted (quite a name there). You can go check that out, and see just what sort of a world you're getting into.

From the website:

The Cha'alt kickstarter was doing pretty well up until about 4 days ago. It's seriously stalled.  Though, I'm hopeful for a big push here at the end!

Besides wanting to see the campaign world, megadungeon, etc. manifest in the world, I have a looming shadow of a reason for wanting the KS to fund.

I'm sure my wife isn't going to let me take another pass at Cha'alt... and this failure may convince her that my niche within a niche hobby-business isn't worth the time, energy, aggravation, etc.  She's been making that argument for awhile now.

I'll always continue to roleplay and perhaps Zoltar Khan Delgado won't fade away, either.  But the Venger you know and love will most likely no longer exist.  Sad, I know.  So, let's, you know, not let that shit happen.  Ok?  Cool, cool, cool.

In the midst of this polar vortex (yep, that's going to be incorporated somewhere along the way), I'm doing what I can to try and promote Cha'alt.  But it's not easy when I'm at home with 5 kids all day (schools shut down + weekends).

Anyway, Glynn came up with an idea for raising awareness and generating interest in the kickstarter - release the one-shot scenario Beneath Kra'adumek into the wild.  This gives everyone a taste of what Cha'alt will be like.