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Battletech Recognition Guide 19 Now Available, New Releases Previewed

<whoop! whoop! whoop!> You know that Battletech stories are bound to set off the Giant Robot alert. We've got ourselves the 19th installment of the Recognition Guide series available now. But that's not all. Next week, new plastic kits are coming. Get a look at those here as well.

From the post:

The fourth and final cycle of BattleMech Recognition Guide: ilClan kicks off today with Vol. 19, featuring the rare Iron Cheetah and a host of redesigned classics!

As a reminder, the Rec Guide series will run through Vol. 24, currently slated to come out on Friday, Dec. 24.

We’ve also got a sneak preview of an item coming out next week, so scroll down for more…

But before all that, we wanted to let you know about our next AMA session, happening Saturday, Oct. 23 at 2:30 p.m. Eastern Time (GMT -5). Join Tex from the Black Pants Legion, members of WolfNet Radio, Death From Above, Arbiter Studios, CamoSpecs Online, Renegade HPG, Battle Bound, and Ray Arrastia and ask them anything about creating and sharing content for the BattleTech community.