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Battlefront's Eastern Front Live Launch Coming Soon

Battlefront's bringing WWII to the Eastern Front in their upcoming releases, Enemy at the Gates and Iron Cross. As is their tradition, they're going to have a Live Launch Weekend. What's a Live Launch Weekend? Well, it's one that's absolutely full of stuff for the new books. There's tactics articles, painting tutorials, live Q&A sessions, and all manner of stuff. So get your calendars ready, it'll be happening on the 23rd and 24th of this month.

From the announcement:

To go with the release of Enemy at the Gates and Iron Cross we will be having another Live Launch Event on the Flames Of War website.

Enemy at the Gates and Iron Cross both look at the hard-fought battles that took place in 1942 and early 1943 across the Eastern Front. Whilst our Live Launch will be taking place on the 23rd and the 24th Of August so make sure you tune in across the two days to keep track of all the activities and information.

If you haven’t caught one of our Live Launches before you are in for a treat as we will have plenty of things to check out:

  • interviews with the designers of Iron Cross and Enemy at the Gates,
  • a look at the double-sided game mat that features new designs with a grass field on one and the city ruins on the other (perfect for some Stalingrad gaming action),
  • previews of all the new models,              
  • articles written by the Battlefront team across the globe,
  • and finally, we will be answering your questions about the two new books!